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The Plumbing And Drainage Solutions For Waterproofing Your Basement And Dealing With Moisture

The basement of your home may be subject to problems with water getting in, and it is important to have plumbing and drainage systems to deal with the water and moisture. In your basement, foundation drainage and sump pump wells deal with water that gets in. Outside your home, exterior drainage for landscaping will help keep the water out of your home. Here are some of the plumbing and drainage solutions for homes to keep water out of basements:

1. Exterior Drainage Plumbing to Deal with Rain Runoff Near Your Foundation

The runoff around your home can affect your foundation and cause water damage. Installing landscaping drainage systems to divert runoff away from your homes foundation will help prevent the static water pressure that causes structural damage and leaks. In addition, French drains and dry wells can also be installed to contain water away from the foundation of your home.

2. Basement Plumbing and Sump Pump Wells to Deal with Waste and Water

Basement plumbing is usually below the level of exterior sewer lines or septic systems, which means special pumps need to be installed to deal with waste. The sump pumps that deal with plumbing in your basement, also deal with moisture that comes from the waterproofing systems. It is important that an adequately sized well is installed for the sump pump to deal with waste and water that comes from the drainage and waterproofing systems in the basement. Waterproofing contractors, such as Stan Young Drainage, can help with the installation of drainage and sump pump wells to deal with waste and drainage water.

3. Interior Waterproofing and Drainage That Deals with Water and Moisture

Interior drainage is also important to deal with basement water and moisture problems. An interior waterproofing system will consist of drainage below the floor, as well as sealant applied to the walls in the basement. Interior basement waterproofing systems have another purpose, which is to deal with moisture that occurs naturally in a basement due to condensation and cool conditions.  Whether you have problems with foundation damage or not, a waterproofing and drainage system is a good upgrade to protect your home from moisture problems. The foundation drains will also help eliminate musty humid smells in damp basements.

When it comes to the waterproofing systems for your basement, plumbing and drainage installations are important to deal with water. Contact a waterproofing contractor to help with the installation of these solutions to protect your basement from water damage.