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When it comes to managing a business, handling the housekeeping is just part of the game. A few years ago we realized that there were some serious plumbing problems in our building, so we turned to a professional to help us out. It was incredible to see how much of a difference these experts made, because within a few short months things had improved dramatically. We were able to keep our sinks and bathrooms cleaner, and it really felt like our business was operating correctly for the first time in a long time. Check out this blog for great information about how a plumber could help your business.

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Common Problems Your Boiler Might Experience

Without a working boiler, your home may be without hot water and heat. This can pose immense problems during the cold winters and whenever you are needing to bathe or clean. Without a thorough understanding of the potential issues a boiler system can encounter, you may find yourself at a disadvantage when your home starts to experience issues with this appliance.

What Would Cause Your Boiler To Start Leaking?

A boiler will utilize a large amount of water to function, and this can put these appliances at risk of developing leaks. While a boiler with a small leak may not seem like it will cause much damage, it can create immense problems if given enough time. Also, it can be possible for this issue to suddenly worsen. A particularly frequent source of boiler leaks will be degraded seals. These seals are responsible for preventing water from seeping out of joints in the system. Another potential source of leaks can be corrosion on the metal components of the boiler as rust will eventually cause small holes to form in these components, which can allow water to leak out.

Why Is The Boiler Failing To Drain Condensate?

Your boiler will generate a fair amount of condensate over the time that it is used. This will have to be drained from the system if it is to continue functioning. This is done through having a drain pipe, but this pipe can become clogged or frozen during the winter. If you are finding that your system is failing to drain, you should remove any clogs and ice to restore the flow.

Is It Normal To Regularly Need To Increase The Temperature On The Boiler's Thermostat?

You may find that you are needing to regularly increase the temperature on the boiler. This may be necessary on days that are particularly cold, but it can also indicate problems with the system. If you have a combustion based boiler, you should inspect the burner to ensure that it is not clogged or otherwise failing to ignite. If you have an electric boiler, this issue could be caused by a heating element starting to fail, which will have to be replaced. Unfortunately, when you have an electric boiler, continually increasing the temperature to offset this issue can cause the other heating elements to be more likely to fail due to experiencing increasing wear. Luckily, having boiler heating elements replaced is a fairly simple and affordable repair for you to have done to your unit.

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