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When it comes to managing a business, handling the housekeeping is just part of the game. A few years ago we realized that there were some serious plumbing problems in our building, so we turned to a professional to help us out. It was incredible to see how much of a difference these experts made, because within a few short months things had improved dramatically. We were able to keep our sinks and bathrooms cleaner, and it really felt like our business was operating correctly for the first time in a long time. Check out this blog for great information about how a plumber could help your business.

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4 Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

A home's sewer lines are something most homeowners don't think about until something goes wrong. Sewer lines are designed to be durable and to handle a massive amount of water and waste, but over time they can break down, become clogged, or have other issues. Tree branches can grow into your sewer line and in older homes, pipes can corrode and disintegrate after many years of use. Sewer line problems need to be taken care of right away before sewage backs up into your home. Here are a few of the biggest signs that you need sewer line repair:

Increasing Water Bills

If your water usage has remained consistent but your water bill keeps going up, you may have a leak in one of your sewer lines. The leaking pipe can lead to wasted water which in turn leads to a higher water bill than normal.

Unpleasant Odors

Sewer lines in good repair are well-sealed and keep waste away so that you never have to smell it. If there is a leak, crack, or other issue in a sewer line, however, you will likely notice an unpleasant sewage odor. This odor may be present in your yard near your home. If the problem is in your internal pipes, you will instead smell it coming from your sinks, showers, and toilets.

Unusually Lush or Soggy Grass

An often-overlooked sign of needed sewer line repair is unusual lush areas around your yard. If one spot in your yard is suddenly bright green and lush even though you haven't been giving it extra water, you may have a damaged and leaking sewer line. The waste leaving a damaged sewer line can act as a natural fertilizer for grass. This often coincides with soggy areas of grass, especially if you haven't received any rain lately.

Slow Drains Throughout Your Home

If only one drain is being slow, it may just be a simple clog that is easy to clear. If multiple drains in your home are draining too slowly, this is a good indicator that a main sewer line is damaged and your plumbing system isn't working the way it should.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to immediately contact a plumbing company that specializes in sewer line repair. They will run a specialized camera through your sewer lines to locate the problem and recommend the best course of action.