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3 Tips To Restore Concrete Tanks And Save On Septic Repairs

The most commonly used material to make septic tanks has been concrete, which is durable but will develop problems due to cracks, leaks and deterioration. Today, new synthetic materials are being used to make durable tanks, but if you have a concrete tank, you may want to store it rather than replace it. Here are some tips for restoring old concrete septic tanks to reduce your repair costs:

1. Regular Inspection to Locate Problems and Repairs

If your septic tank is not that old, but still made of concrete, it is probably still in fair conditions. This does not mean that you are not going to eventually have septic tank problems, which is why routine inspections are important. It is a good idea to have the inspections done when you have the tank pumped for the newest septic systems, and as your tank ages, you may want to have a septic service inspect the tank more frequently to identify problems before they become too serious and costly to repair.

2. Repairs To Help Deal With Wear of Components Inside Old Concrete Septic Tanks

The components inside your tank are something that you probably give little thought too, but are often where serious problems and septic tank failure start. In concrete tanks, inlets and outlets are vulnerable to wear and often a place where problems like leaks and cracks start. In addition to the inlets and outlets, your tank also has baffles, which are concrete barriers that are susceptible to decay in concrete tanks and can cause problems with solids when they are damaged.

3. Durable Liners to Protect Concrete Tanks and Prevent Wear

When there is a problem with leaks, cracks and degrading baffles inside your tank, the tank often needs to be replaced. If you have routine inspections done of your septic tank, then you may be able to catch these problems in time to do something about them, such as installing a synthetic liner to protect the concrete structure from leaks and decay. Liners are only going to be possible if your tank is still in good condition and the damage is not too severe. If the damage is too severe, you are going to need to have the tank removed or filled and replaced. Consider using modern materials like polyurethane tanks if you need to have your old concrete septic tank replaced.

These are some tips to help with restoration of old septic tanks to reduce repair costs. If you have a old tank that is beginning to show signs of age and cause problems, contact a sewer jetting service, like Cleary Plumbing , to help with cleaning septic drain lines or plumbing in your home when concrete tanks cause catastrophic septic system failures.