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When it comes to managing a business, handling the housekeeping is just part of the game. A few years ago we realized that there were some serious plumbing problems in our building, so we turned to a professional to help us out. It was incredible to see how much of a difference these experts made, because within a few short months things had improved dramatically. We were able to keep our sinks and bathrooms cleaner, and it really felt like our business was operating correctly for the first time in a long time. Check out this blog for great information about how a plumber could help your business.

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4 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Plumbing Contractor

When it comes to major plumbing projects or repairs, it is typically in a homeowner's best interest to hire an experienced plumbing contractor for the job instead of doing it themselves. However, no one should blindly hire a plumbing contractor without being informed and asking several questions in advance. Carefully hiring a plumbing contractor can save a lot of headaches and hassle. Ask the following questions before hiring a plumbing contractor for a plumbing project or repair:

1. Are You Currently Licensed by the State?

Some handymen offer plumbing services and unlicensed plumbers, but it is always best to hire a licensed plumbing contractor. A licensed plumbing contractor typically has to go through training and pass an exam administered by the state's registrar of contractor's in order to obtain a license, so you can have the peace of mind that you're working with a professional. In addition, if you happen to have a problem or dispute with a licensed plumbing contractor, you can turn to the state's registrar of contractors to help with a resolution.

2. Is this a Comprehensive Estimate?

No one wants to think that the total cost of a service is one price, only to learn that the actual cost is a lot higher when they receive the final bill. When you get an estimate from a plumber contractor , ask if it includes the cost of labor, materials, and taxes fees. Don't accept an estimate that is given over the phone without the plumbing contractor actually seeing your plumbing, since it can be very difficult to provide an accurate estimate sight unseen.

3. What is Policy on Payments?

When plumbing contractors are making one-time repairs, they generally require payment after the repair has been made and the problem has been resolved. For large plumbing projects, such as upgrading the plumbing system or re-plumbing a bathroom, it is not uncommon to pay in installments as milestones are met. If a plumbing contractor asks for payment in full before making a repair or completing any portion of a project, it is a good idea to look for another plumbing contractor.

4. What Type of Insurance Policies to You Carry?

A reputable licensed plumbing contractor will have both workers comp and liability insurance policies in place. It is essential to only hire a plumbing contractor that is fully insured. If a plumbing contractor is not insured and is injured on your property or damages your plumbing system, you will have to bear the financial burden. 

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