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When it comes to managing a business, handling the housekeeping is just part of the game. A few years ago we realized that there were some serious plumbing problems in our building, so we turned to a professional to help us out. It was incredible to see how much of a difference these experts made, because within a few short months things had improved dramatically. We were able to keep our sinks and bathrooms cleaner, and it really felt like our business was operating correctly for the first time in a long time. Check out this blog for great information about how a plumber could help your business.

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Is Your Water Heater Just Old, Or Is It Malfunctioning?

There is a significant difference between a water heater that's old and one that is just malfunctioning. When you have an old water heater, regardless of how much time and money you spend on repairs, replacement is usually the ideal course of action. However, a water heater that's simply malfunctioning may still have a long life ahead of it.

Many people have made the wrong decision with regards to repair or replacement, because they can't tell the difference between what's old and what's malfunctioning. There are several ways of distinguishing the two.

Frequent Repairs

When you're forced to repair your water heater every other day, there's a good chance that it's nearing the end of its useful life. An old water heater will have experienced wear and tear of many different parts of the system. This can make it prone to breakdowns.

However, frequent repairs aren't always a sign that your water heater is old. There are factors that can lead to frequent breakdowns such as:

  • Poor installation

  • Improper settings

  • Overworking of the water heater

  • Low-quality repairs

Before you decide to replace your water heater, be sure to first rule out such factors.

High Energy Bills

There are many things in your home that use energy. However, when there is a spike in the amount of power used, appliances used for heating are usually the prime suspects. There is a good reason for this. Even under optimal working conditions, water heaters and other such appliances consume a lot of energy. If the efficiency of these appliances drops, there will be a notable increase in power consumption.

The efficiency of your water heater can drop as it becomes old. At this point, the money you're losing on power could be better spent on a replacement.

Reduced Performance

When you notice that, even on its best day, your water heater is not performing as well as it once did, it could be because it's too old. Various parts of the water heater will not perform properly as it nears the end of its life, and the heating element will not be spared. Therefore, when your water is no longer hot enough or if the system doesn't provide enough water throughout the day, this could be a sign.

However, before making the decision to replace, you should get a second opinion. Water heater repair services from a different company may identify a problem that your regular handyman overlooked. Visit sites like to learn more about services in your area.