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Repairs Your Water Heater May Eventually Require

Problems with the water heater in your home can cause major issues throughout the home as it will deprive all of the faucets and fixtures of warm water. Unfortunately, water heater problems are fairly common, and this makes it necessary for every homeowner to be in a position to be prepared to handle this issue once it starts to develop with their home's plumbing.

Leaking Water Connections

Problems with the connections that bring water to the unit will be one of the most common and potentially damaging problems that your water heater can experience. Outside of improper installation, seal failure is the most common cause of this type of problem. Over time, the seals that keep these connections watertight will be able to fail, and this can expose the home to severe water damage that could be costly to repair. Due to this concern, even minor leaks from these connections should be treated as urgent problems. These leaks can also corrode the exterior of the water heater, which will make it far more likely to suffer a puncture or other problems that could worsen the situation.

Discolored Hot Water

If the water coming from the water heater is discolored, this could indicate that there is a bacterial problem inside the water heater or that there is a corrosion problem. Both of these issues will require the water heater to be professionally repaired as it will require opening up the unit to assess and repair the issue. If the discoloration is the result of bacteria, the interior of the unit must be sanitized to prevent the bacteria from returning. Corrosion can be an equally difficult problem to repair as all of the corroded components will have to be replaced. Most often, the heating elements will be the most vulnerable to corrosion, but this problem can develop on any of the components of the water heater.

Unable To Generate Heat

A complete failure to heat the water can be the most noticeable problem that the water heater will experience. However, its causes can be heavily dependent on the type of water heater that you have. For example, a water heater that uses natural gas to produce heat can have its burner become coated with residue that will stop it from working. Electric water heaters can also experience this problem due to a heating element failing or having its supply of power disrupted. Due to the risk of electrical shock, homeowners should avoid attempting to repair their electric water heater on their own.

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